Hey everyone, my name is Collin Huskey! I am a Junior from Chesnee, SC, and I am studying Biological Sciences here at Clemson University. I have a burning passion for a multitude of things including learning, public service, mental health advocacy, my work to better pre-K programs in underserved areas, mission work, art, sports, and most importantly, Christ. Yet the list most certainly does not end there, as my passion for my home, Clemson University, is never ending! This is not a passion that I allow to lay dormant, but instead, is a passion that I act upon each and every day. With so many outlets to share my time and talents at Clemson, I especially enjoy being a part of the Clemson University Guide Association, and sharing with families from across the globe exactly how amazing and transformative the Clemson Experience can be. I enjoy my time spent as a mentor, and in a variety of other student organizations, as actively working to bring about positivity in the lives of others brightens your own life as well. They say anyone can make a positive impact on the world around them, and that is exactly what I plan to do as I work for you with incomparable diligence! Care to join me? 

Hi everybody, my name is Rena Haley! I am a Junior Nursing major at Clemson University! I was born and raised right here in South Carolina, but now I spend a lot of time in a little place called NYC! Growing up, I was no stranger to a life of public service, and this idea remains true for me today. I believe that there is a difference between merely having energy/talent, and putting that energy to good use. Thus, I work each day not to just simply “be,” but to be active; active in my schoolwork, active in my extracurriculars, active in my faith, and most certainly, active in the service of those around me here at Clemson University. I enjoy working out, running, singing like nobody’s listening, mission work, and keeping the promises that I make. Today, my promise to you is to work: to work with you, for you, and with a passion unlike any other.  I am so very excited to bring forth a new perspective for each and every one of you.

It's always a beautiful day in Clemson

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