We believe that to further enhance each student’s Clemson Experience, we must cast our focus on implementing student voice in every aspect of campus. Your voice is mighty, and we intend for it to be heard.

Campus Life Development

  • Mental Health and Wellness:

    • We will advocate for further awareness, education, and resources for the mental health of our students.
    • We propose a partnership with Tigers Together to implement mental health curricula into the CU 1000 course.
    • We will also continue working through CAPS and their response to student needs.
  • Dining

    • Student Choice Dinners
      • For one night each month, students will choose the dinner served from a set of choices sent out by Aramark/CUSG via email one week in advance.
    • We will advocate for greater variation of Douthit Hills Hub menu options.
  • Student Mail Services

    • We will aim to make Student Mail Services a smoother, quicker experience by advocating for a new program equating to a “Tapingo”-like service for mailing facility.
  • Social Spaces

    • We will advocate for the addition of Social Spaces for students under the age of 21.
      • Renovation of student lounges, continued awareness for Barnes Center Events, and allocation/designation of new spaces.
    • We will aim to provide all students access to spaces on campus.
  • Parking

    • We will advocate for continued development of parking services public transportation systems on campus.
    • We will aim to implement lower priced parking pass options.
  • Campus Events

    • We will advocate for the addition of a centralized interactive calendar on the my.Clemson app where upcoming events, meetings, locations and times can be found.
      • This increases availability of concise information, and could potentially lower the amount of emails sent to students.


  • Community Connectivity/Town Gown Relations

    • We will continue to strengthen Town Gown Relations by advocating for the addition of a Community Connectivity Initiative
      • Department/college wide community outreach (enrichment) programs. Each college/department will be partnered with an external entity to provide interested students with a hands-on project in their areas of study that directly impacts our community.
      • This program will promote collaboration amongst faculty and students of a given discipline, as well as provide an opportunity for Clemson students to directly apply the skills they are developing in real world scenarios. This prepares them for careers, and positively impacts our region.
  • Sustainability

    • We will advocate for the addition of a new tradition: the Clean Clemson Competition, in which funding is given to a student/group to implement their winning “sustainability” idea on Clemson’s campus
    • We will aim for continued education of green initiatives through graphic communication and a proposed addition to the CU 1000 course.
    • Advocate for the addition of more recycling bins, composting bins, and low-flow toilets.
  • Concerts

    • We will work to bring concerts back to campus in conjunction with Tiger Paw Productions.
      • Inviting artists to perform at a variety of Clemson venues including Littlejohn Coliseum, Bowman Field, Outdoor Amphitheater, etc.


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